Education in South-East Sulawesi, Indonesia


Piara's main goal is to help children to go back to school. When parents do not have enough funds, Piara supplies the children with schooluniforms, shoes and shares the fee for the school boats with the parents. Parents in this way share in supporting their children's education and thus take their responsibility.


Our projects have shown their succes as already several students have graduated and successfully found jobs.




Everywhere in the world children should have a place to play soccer! For more than 2 years the children of Sampela cannot play soccer. They have to go to the mainland. Sometimes they even swim to the mainland to play soccer.


The reason why they cannot play soccer is that because of the sand mining the place they used to play is gone, with low tide the children played on sand , this sand is gone and the place can not be used for playing anymore. For years the children had a place to play soccer in the village. This place was build up from coral rocks , this place can not be used anymore. And it is of course forbidden to take coral for building foundation.


But luckely we found a place for sale suitable for a soccer field. The children will fill the top of the place up with small stones, there will be a net around the field and hopefully the children can play football again in a few months. The parents will also help to make the field ready. The children can not wait till their field is ready and they thank the people who made it possible for them to get a new football field. 



Furake is a small village situated on the island of Hoga and is the only village on the island. The village consists of about 25 families who mainly live from fishing. Until Piara started to help the families, it was impossible for children to go to school in Kaledupa. Piara tried to build a small school in the village but this became to expensive and it is very difficult to find teachers. Piara successfully introduced a school boat that takes the children to and from school


In the past Piara operated a second schoolboot line from the special village Sampela which is built on stilts in sea. This village is much bigger than Furake and has several classrooms however the older children had to go to Kaladupa where the highschool was located. Nowadays the children do not have to go to Kaladupa as Sampala has its own high school now.




The sea gypsie village Sampela does have a several schools. Unfrotunately it is very hard to find teachers for the over 300 students. To improve the quality of education in Sampela Piara supported 4 students to go to university in BauBau where they became teachers. After their graduation they came back to Sampela where the currently teach at the local schools. In this way the Bajau children get better education without losing their identiy and culture. The 4 students; Ella, Nela, Toni and Asludin started their study in 2005 and graduated succesfull in 2010.



One of the ongoing projects are the libraries. The main library is in the biggest village on the island Kaledupa, Ambeua. Cupboards and books are donated in smaller villages by the local teacher at home. The books are circulating from village to village. Piara brought the first books to these islands. Only the teachers had schoolbooks before. The children now have an opportunity to read as much as they want. And to take out books to learn English for instance by themselves. The English university in Bau Bau also received cupboards and second hand english books. These english students did not have the opportunity to read English books before.



Piara started the first computer cafe on the islands to give high school students a change to prepare for further studies.